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Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer According to WHO Standards

Real Novice - 20 March, 2020 - 0 comments

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How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer According to WHO Standards ?. With the widespread of the corona virus infection to around of the world to cause hundreds of thousands of people infected and thousands of others even to death, we need to be extra careful in maintaining the condition of our bodies so as not infected. The Corona virus spreads very quickly and even makes some countries do a “lockdown” like Italy, France, and also other countries in order to reduce the number of transmission of the virus becomes more and more.

The outbreak of the Corona virus has made the world lack of several medical needs tools that are used as a means of preventing the transmission of the corona virus. Some medical devices that are hard to find are medical masks and antiseptic liquids such as hand sanitizers. In fact, both of these objects seem lost because of people’s fear of this corona virus, resulting in a “panic buy” that causes scarcity and soaring prices for these two products. Therefore you need to rack your brain to make your own hand sanitizer to better protect you, apart from just using soap to wash your hands.

Because of this scarcity, WHO has finally published two standard formulations to make hand sanitizers that you can do yourself. And the mixture of formulations will produce 2 liters of liquid hand sanitizer that you can use with family or others. Some of the ingredients needed to make your own hand sanitizer are:

Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer According to WHO Standard

Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer According to WHO Standard

Formula 1

  • Ethanol 96%: 1667 ml
  • Hydrogen Peroxide 3%: 83.4 ml
  • Glycerin 98%: 29 ml
  • 100 ml of sterile distilled water, you can obtain it by boiling water and cooling it

Formula 2

  • 99.8% isopropyl alcohol: 1503 ml
  • Glycerin 98%: 29 ml
  • Hydrogen peroxide 3%: 83.5 ml
  • 100 ml of sterile distilled water

The tools needed

  • a 2 liter bucket size
  • Degree measure
  • Funnel
  • Small bottle

How to make your own hand sanitizer in accordance with WHO standards

1. Select the hand sanitizer formula that you want. Then put Ethanol (for formula 1) or Isopropyl alcohol (for formula 2) according to the dose into the bucket;
2. Put the hydrogen peroxide liquid into the bucket according to the dose;
3. Add glycerin. Attention, Glycerin is sticky and thick. You can use a little sterile water to rinse the glycerin in a measuring cup before putting it in a bucket;
4. After all the ingredients have been put in 1 bucket, add 1 liter of distilled water;
5. Stir the solution slowly. This is done so that the three ingredients can be mixed evenly;
It did not take long, the hand sanitizer was ready to be transferred to smaller bottles for easy transport;
6. You can use the hand sanitizer after you store these bottles for 72 hours (approximately 3 days) to avoid contamination from the bottles;
7. Finally you and your family can use your own hand sanitizer.

Well, thank you very much and we hope that you and your beloved family always stay in health. But you may also read : Preventing and Handling Corona Virus Infection With Global Corona Virus Live Monitoring and maybe you’ll be like This.

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