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Alternative Copyscape Websites to Check Plagiarism

Real Novice - 20 March, 2020 - 0 comments

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The Alternative Copyscape Websites to Check Plagiarism to optimize your website rank. If you are a content or article writer of course you will really hope that you can create a content that is truly unique than other websites. Especially if you are a new writer or someone who manages a new and fresh website. Of course, articles and content that is unique and interesting are something that really needed to boost rankings and attract visitors to visit and read your website.

But sometimes for those who are new to the internet, creating a unique article is certainly not easy. With so many websites that already exist and also the thoughts of so many people around the world, then creating content that is 100 percent unique is not easy. Because this is needed a way to test and check the level of uniqueness of your article. One such tool provider website is Copyscape, but for now CopyScape is not a completely free tool. So we have to look for Alternative Copyscape Websites to Check Plagiarism that we can use for free.

And you are lucky because this time we will give and discuss some Alternative Copyscape Websites that you can use to help you create a unique article. Therefore, let us consider some of the sites we can use below.

1. Smallseotools Website
Smallseotools as Alternative CopyScape Website

Smallseotools as Alternative CopyScape Website

Many people both professional and laymen using Smallseotools, because we can use it for free without limits. The trick is also very easy, we just copy and paste our article or our article link, fill in the captcha and click search. Somehow almost everyone uses this tool from smallseotools. Even so sometimes for some people visiting this website it’s quite annoying because of too many ads. If you want to try it then visit the website at:

2. Duplichecker Website


DupliChecker is Alternative Copyscape Websites. And has a feature that allows us to be able to check the article by uploading the article file to their website to check our article whether there is duplicate content or not. Interestingly this website also does not require us to register on their website. We can use their facilities directly without having to become a member first. Really according to what they say, a free site to check articles. Even so if you use it without registering, you can only check it a few times. To use the tool, visit this site:

3. Dustball Website
Dustball as Alternative CopyScape Website

Dustball as Alternative CopyScape Website

Since 2001 This is a plagiarism checker that looks very simple. The trick is also the same as the others. You just copy and paste your article then press the check button. Plagiarism checker has a premium version with a price of around $ 8 for each month. If you want to try it please visit:

Plagiarisma as Alternative CopyScape Website

Plagiarisma as Alternative CopyScape Website

The name of this online tool is Free online application as Alternative Copyscape Websites that we can use to check the uniqueness of our articles easily. Besides being able to check our article directly, we can also check by entering the website URL that will be checked for existing input forms. In our opinion the results can be said to be quite accurate. To try it please visit:

5. Plagium Website


Plagium is a free Alternative Copyscape Websites and premium tool. Many online business people on the internet suggest and use Duplichecker,, Dustball and smallseotools plagiarism checkers. Indeed all the plagiarism checkers are good, but Plagium has the advantage of no ads and no need to sign up to become a member even though on their website there is also if we want to become a member on this site. On the front page of this site we are immediately confronted with a form to put the article that we want to test. If we want to check using the website URL we can do it too.

The best feature of Plagium is its warning system. If we register on this site as a free member, we can get information services that are sent directly to our email when someone copy and paste our articles.

All paid services in Copyscape are provided free by Plagium. They provide all these services for free in order to attract potential customers who want to use their custom paid search services. The Plagium website also accepts donations (also accept donations) from its users. To try it please visit:

6. Quetext

Quetext for Alternative CopyScape Website

Quetext is also a free online Alternative Copyscape Websites tool to test the level of similarity of our articles with other websites. We just need to visit this site and then put our article in the form that has been provided after that click Start. What are the advantages of this one tool? Multiple Language support, Advanced lexical analysis, free unlimited usage and most importantly do not need to register and are ad-free. It looks very simple and clean. If you want to try it out then visit the site directly:

7. PlagTracker
PlagTracker Alternative Copyscape Websites

PlagTracker Alternative Copyscape Websites

This is a very good and convenient tool to check and find out articles that are pasted in copy or articles that we make whether there are similarities with other articles. We just need to copy the article that we want to check then click the red button, wait for this tool to finish working to check for plagiarism. Indeed this tool has a paid version if we use the free version the search process does take a little longer, about 10 seconds to check (depending on the internet connection that we use) after that this website will display the search results. If you are interested in trying it out then please visit:

Now that’s seven website addresses that we can use as Alternative Copyscape Websites to help our interests in the world of articles content on the internet. There are many more actually found on the internet, but what has been mentioned is the most widely used. You may also like to read : The Important Steps in Choosing a Domain Name for Your Website

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